Love This Poem- Pray vs Say — Ruelha

When you’re all alone, and can’t get anyone on the phone, you pray! When you are dealing with something that’s not a myth, you say! You talk to God; but you tell the devil. Pray to God; but say to the devil. You pray with hope and faith. You pray with love, and can even […]

Pray vs Say — Ruelha

11 thoughts on “Love This Poem- Pray vs Say — Ruelha

      1. Mentally good. Physically a bit dehydrated. I feel like I’m going to get a charlie horse in my leg. Got one yesterday. Maybe a combination of running up steps and not enough fluids. Rehydrating now and still planning on doing my steps today. But I don’t think I’ll run. I will take my walk slowly. 😃

      2. Good to hear it. Sounds like a great plan. I’m going to listen to some music before I go for my walk today too.

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