Some Good Advice- SEO For Dummies — lifesfinewhine

SEO For Dummies I don’t know about you guys but when it comes to SEO and all things SEO I feel like kind of a dummy a lot of times and as someone who barely knows anything when it comes to technology I really did not even know what SEO was till like some months […]

SEO For Dummies — lifesfinewhine

7 thoughts on “Some Good Advice- SEO For Dummies — lifesfinewhine

  1. Thanks for sharing. I can relate to feeling out of the loop for SEO. I’ve had my current blog for four years and have been blogging for 12-13 years, and yet I’ve just recently learned about SEO!

    1. I need to look more into it, My blog is not a private one with its own domain which I understand is important. But I won’t be able to afford to make it private for a few more months.

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