The Thirteenth Disciple Tag

I would like to thank my little sister Purple Rose of for creating this tag and for tagging into it. I enjoy her posts where she shares about her life and her faith.

I have always said that if I were alive when Jesus walked the earth, I would be His thirteenth disciple. I thought it would be fun to create a tag based on that idea.” ~ Purple Rose

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you and include a link to their post
  2. Link the original post (The Thirteenth Disciple Tag) and give credit to the creator of this tag (Purple Rose)
  3. Answer the 13 questions asked by Purple Rose
  4. Tag as many people as you like
  5. Use the original tag image:

Here are the 13 questions:

1. Which disciple is your favorite?- My favorite one came is John. I love sharing from John with my international friends. πŸ™‚

2. How often do you pray The Lord’s Prayer? I rarely say the exact prayer. However, I use it as a guide often.

3. How often do you take communion? At my church, before the shutdown, it was about once a month.

4. Do you listen to sermons during the week? I have been listening to devotionals by my pastor on YouTube. I usually don’t listen to sermons. I prefer to study the bible.

5. If Jesus asked you to have your own small group of 4, which 3 disciples or Bible Characters would you choose to be in your weekly prayer group? John, Paul, and Mary Magdalene.

6. Why did you choose those 3? John because his writings show more of how relational Jesus is. Paul because of his faith. Mary Magdalene because of her perspective of being an outcast who became close to Jesus and the first to see him after his resurrection.

7. What Bible characters do you relate to or understand the most? I relate to Paul because of his travels to other countries and cultures.

8. Which disciple would you argue with the most? Probably Peter.

9. Which disciple would you get along with the best? John

10. If you were in the painting of the Last Supper, where would you be sitting? Probably out of the scene because I am not that important.

11. Peter carried a sword and cut off a soldier’s ear in an attempt to protect Jesus. If you were there that night, what would your reaction have been to the soldiers coming to arrest Jesus? I really don’t know. I would probably have been in shock.

12. We all need a Simon Peter in our life, someone who carries a β€œsword” and will fight for you. Who is/was your Simon Peter? I have friends from church who have really supported me.

13. Similar to Jesus, we all have a Judas in our lives who helps us fulfill our destiny or find our purpose. Can you look back and appreciate their role in your life despite the harm they did or the hurt they caused? I can look back and see how it helped lead to where I am not. My attitude is similar to that of Joseph when his brothers came to Egypt looking for help and Joseph said- What you meant for evil, God meant for good.

My nominees if they choose to participate are:




Pastor Chuck










Thank you for reading. God Bless.

23 thoughts on “The Thirteenth Disciple Tag

  1. This is interesting! I love these questions and your answers!
    Now I see at the end that you tagged me in it so I should definitely make time to play along!!

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