July 30- World Day Against Trafficking In Persons Day

Today is World Day Against Trafficking In Persons Day. This is not a problem only in third world countries. This is a problem in the USA and in Western Europe as well.

A very troubling statistic I found from Safe Horizon:

3.8 million adults are trafficked for forced sexual exploitation and 1.0 million children are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation

This is a cause that concerns me a great deal. I saw another stat that a child in the USA is 66,667 times more at risk for being trafficked than of dying from COVID-19.

AM I trying to draw attention to this? YES YES YES

That is why I support Love Justice. You can check them out at lovejustice.ngo

We need much harsher laws against trafficking in the USA. We need it to be a Federal Crime with extremely long prison sentences.

We need a Global Effort to Combat it.

We need PRAYER for justice, for more workers to combat it, and for those fighting against it to be safe.

SO much more could be said. Please educate yourself, contact your Senators and Representatives if in the USA and if in another country contact who you need to there.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

20 thoughts on “July 30- World Day Against Trafficking In Persons Day

  1. Thanks for bringing attention to this, Matt. I was reminded by someone yesterday, that it is less likely that a missing child will be recognized or noticed when wearing a mask. Yes, I support wearing masks during this COVID pandemic, but it is true that masks are also used to hide or disguise, so we must be more vigilant caring for our children BEFOREHAND, so they won’t be snatched or abducted into this lifestyle.

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