Story Time- Scaring My Older Brother

My older brother Mark taught me so many things. I learned how to throw a football from him and how to play basketball and baseball from him. We never had a fight. He was always my patient teacher for important things for boys. When Mark was around, I was never scared of anything because he was my big brother.

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However, one day I scared my big brother. I was 15 years old and learning how to drive. My parents could not be bothered with doing so, but my big brother as always stepped up.

One day I was driving his Camaro down one of the busier streets in my city with him in the passenger seat. I was enthralled with how fast his car would go and did not really notice I was driving about 70mph in a 40mph zone.

It was the only time I can remember seeing my older brother scared as he yelled at me to slow down.

Having a big brother who was always patient with me and taught me so many things made it so easy for me to embrace the concept that Jesus is our eternal Big Brother. Of course Jesus is never scared by anything we do. Nothing can harm Jesus such as the risk of an accident by a stupid 15 year old driving too fast.

Where does the idea of Jesus being our eternal big brother come from?

It would be a long post to list references, but ones that stand out are in Matthew 28 and John 20 when Jesus says:

“Go Tell My Brothers”

Those brothers Jesus was talking about were his followers not his earthly half brothers. There is so much behind the truth that Jesus is our eternal big brother that I encourage you to do a study on it.

I am grateful that my earthly big brother was so good to me in my early years. It helped me to embrace the truth that Jesus is my eternal big brother.

But I don’t plan on speeding excessively anymore πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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