Accept Limitations Due to Chronic Illness?

Having enjoyed 11 ministry trips to other countries, 4 of which I traveled alone, it could be said I embrace adventure. The 4 trips I traveled alone were my favorites ones because they gave me the opportunity to see how God comes through for us. It was awesome to experience those just God and me moments.

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So when chronic illness caused me to consider buying a cane, it was not something I embraced. I still haven’t bought one.

The other day a married couple from church brought some food to me. The husband saw my recycling and offered to take it for me. I thanked him and he took it for me. In my city we need to take recycling to one of many locations. I was pleasantly surprised he offered to do so.

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Shortly before I woke up Tuesday morning, I dreamed that I had a package and needed to walk home. As I was considering the long walk with a bad knee, I saw I friend of mine from church with his pickup truck. He gave me a ride home.

Normally I don’t put much stock in dreams. But as I prayed Tuesday morning, I felt the Lord showing me he will help me through friends at church. It felt peaceful, but I have to admit as a person who has not slowed down or let limitations hinder me for over 25 years of living with chronic illness, it is an adjustment.

I don’t know where this is going. I do not intend to slow down. Perhaps let others join me in the journey.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

32 thoughts on “Accept Limitations Due to Chronic Illness?

  1. Enjoy this post, never let anything slow you down, my daughter in her twenties has to use a walker for the last year. No one would ever imagine she would need to however she still gets around the best way she can. God does not see you or her with limitations he sees you whole. Never doubt your dreams at times God speaks to us through them.this is how he has spoken to me.

      1. Healing from surgery has been slow for her, I thank God for the days when the pain is not so difficult and I hope and pray for more days with less pain. Thank you for asking.
        Blessings to you my friend

  2. I do not like limitations God puts on me. Health issues have slowed or stopped me many times and it seemed I resisted it every time — resisting “be still and know that I am God.” Praying for you — that God’s peace will reassure you in this season of life.

  3. I believe often times God slows us down for a season for a reason. Be still and know that He is God. Slowing down for some is very hard. I can remember how hard it was for me to except how limited I became after my double mastectomy, and had 8 drain tubes hanging from within in. I am not one to easily ask for help. He gave me no other choice, but to lean into those He placed in and around me. I can remember trying to hang blinds weeks post surgery, something that would come so easy for me. It did not come even slightly easy. I found myself on my living room floor emotionally distraught sobbing over my limitations. It seems when I came to acceptance is when I really began healing. Both physically, and spiritually. Sometimes I know for me He places me in those times where He wants me to slow my roll. I am a very high energy person. I am the go to, and we’ll get it done gal. Sometimes missing things He is trying to bring to my attention. Trust Him in the process, He has you! We all age, go through physical ailments, and some even chronic illness. Let go, and let God! Trust the process. See what teachable experience may come from slowing down a little. I know as loving as He is, it will be a great one at that. Lean into the support of others. Blessings for wonderful day!

      1. Managing my day, wrote a lot. Trying to get the inner workings of my blog figured out. Many people tell me I don’t ping right, and I am just lost inside. Great at posts, but my blog needs a beef up. Other than that I am resting knowing God has my life. Worse case scenario I just keep posting, and writing. It takes me longer to figure that stuff out then to write. Lol. First world problems right there. 😊

      2. Yeah it has changed so much in the 3 years since I was on here. I can’t even figure out my social media icons. All things that give me more exposure. It is what it is. I have people correcting my pings all the time. Which they are nice enough to do with suggestion of writing a blog on needing help with these things lol. I might have to take a day, and not write. Maybe go on you tube, and figure some of it out. I don’t write on weekends. Just the SoSC prompt, and a photo a day.

      3. I will consider that, thank you very much! I want like a killer blog, but I am not computer savvy in the least. I bet my kid could help me, but he will not come over with Covid. He is super extreme with Covid. I am pretty good with many things, it is all the little things though. I will think about that. 🤙

  4. I was just thinking about slowing down this morning. Not doing it… just that my writing has slowed down. Not sure it that’s me or God. I’ve definitely had trouble concentrating because I keep waking up at 4AM. So I don’t know. It’s bothering me. Need to pray about that. By the way, Andrew uses a cane. He’s been using one for years. It not a bad thing.

      1. Yes, that’s a good idea. I have tried that, but sometimes I forget, or… I don’t know what my problem is. He’s working on me, thankfully. Love you too, dad! ❤

  5. It is such a struggle, this surrender to slowing down for our body’s sake. I understand. Right now, I am feeling rather frustrated with mine, mostly due to the feeling of powerlessness to better my family’s position. I don’t discuss this much, but my husband has the same genetic disorder I do (what are the odds we’d find each other? 😏). He has coped so long to continue making the sole living for us through his handyman business, knowing job prospects for me in my condition are not too many. But, we are seeing the physical effects on him now and I hate feeling my 8hands are tied in my ability to be any significant help. I confess though I know God is yet in control, I do fret at times about what would become of our family if both of us deteriorate much more. There are some very caring folks around here I am sure would want to help, yet also still so many who look at us and just don’t seem to comprehend the limitations because they are largely invisible ( though I personally feel it’s somewhat obvious when anyone sees me taking the stairs and carefully checking my balance on each step. 😉).There are days I have pondered if I should have a cane. I am sure my knees might thank me and it could even accidentally convince a naysayer or two! Yet, I can’t quite bring myself to it just yet. Sending prayers your way, Matt.

  6. That’s so reassuring that God reminded you He is with you and that He will provide the help you need. That’s a blessing you felt His peace.

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