I would like to thank Barb, see link in how to play, for creating and tagging me for I Love My Job Tag.

Webster defines job as a paid position of regular employment. However, there are many jobs for which we never receive a paycheck (ie. stay-at-home parent, caregiver etc.) So for the purposes of this tag a job is any work that you do on a regular basis. No paycheck is required.


1) Use the “I Love My Job” graphic above.

2) Tag the creator Barb at My Life in Our Father’s World

3) Tell us why you love your job.  I listed 9 but you are free to list as many as you want.

4) Invite your fellow bloggers to participate by tagging them.  There is no minimun/maximum  number of “invites”.

  1. I should say I love my jobs. I have two positions, ESL teacher and Home Missionary. I love both equally.
  2. I love my positions because I have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.
  3. I love my positions because they have allow me to travel on 11 international ministry trips.
  4. I love my teaching position because I can mentor and empower my assistants to become instructors. I love my home missionary position because I have been able to empower others in understanding other cultures.
  5. I love my positions because I get to experience other cultures, their foods, their celebrations, etc.
  6. I love my positions because they give me stories to write about.
  7. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to me is I love my positions because they give me opportunities to share the love of Jesus with people from all over the world.

I would like to tag the following and please remember if you are a stay at home mom/homemaker that is a hugely important job.








Purple Rose

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

25 thoughts on “I LOVE MY JOB TAG

  1. There’s no doubt you love your job. 11 ministry trips is outstanding! I plan to go on ministry trips whenever my little ones are older. Thank you for the tag! I absolutely love my job as well because I get to share the love of Jesus. What a blessing!

  2. Congratulations on the nomination and thanks so much for nominating me! I really loved reading your answers and I think you have a really wonderful job.

  3. When I read your answers it shows that you are a people person who always have the best interest of others in your heart. May God strengthen you in this wonderful work that He calls you to do. Peace and blessings.

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