What Helps Me Keep Going While Living with Pain

One morning last week, I had a conversation with a fellow teacher at the school where I teach in the mornings. I shared with her that I need to have a knee replacement surgery, but I will wait until the end of the school year. She asked me if it was painful, I said yes, but that it wasn’t a problem. She couldn’t quite understand how I could say that.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

As someone who has lived with chronic illness for over 25 years, pain is something that is a constant in my life. It is only a question of how much on any given day. I shared that with her, but she still did not quite understand where I was coming from.

The conversation was just an example of what it is like to be a spoonie, someone with chronic illness, trying to explain to someone what my experience is like. In my mind, pain is just part of my reality, so just press on with life.

Knowing that Jesus understands pain and that I can share my experience with Jesus when I pray, makes the difference for me. When I pray, it is a reminder that everything in this life is temporary. It is eternity that matters to me. I know that in heaven, there will be no pain. So each day here in this life, is one day closer to when Jesus takes me home. Until then he has work for me to do here- Share and show his love to others.

That is what keeps this spoonie going through the pain and fatigue.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

51 thoughts on “What Helps Me Keep Going While Living with Pain

  1. Great post. Sharing our pain and struggles with one another is so important. It is almost like ministering to one another, and we can comfort each other as God comforts us.
    God Bless

  2. Thanks much for sharing. This post blessed me tremendously. I have been experiencing physical as well as emotional pain over a week now but this gentle reminder about Jesus sharing our pain is a great measure of encouragement. Am grateful for this post. Blessings to you always my brother

  3. Bless you Matt. Jesus is my comfort when the pain levels are high. Just knowing He knows, cares, and sympathizes comforts my weary soul and body every single day. I continue to pray for you.

      1. I’m so happy to be able to pray! God has given me the birthday gift of less leg pain the last 3 days! It’s been great to move around with a bit less pain. Thanks for asking Matt. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ™

  4. I also live with daily pain, and I understand how sometimes it seems like only God can possibly understand. I’m grateful that God has blessed me with more energy for this last year. I cannot remember what it was like not having chronic pain. I am thankful for all the help God gives us to carry on.

  5. Powerful post, Matt. I pray that by the time you read this your pain will be less. Our God has you in His arms and He is the one who keeps you going inspite of the pain. Have a blessed weekend. πŸ™πŸ™

  6. β€œKnowing that Jesus understands pain and that I can share my experience with Jesus when I pray, makes the difference for me” – Oh how absolutely true this is!! In His understanding towards us we can rest in His compassion. I join you in giving Him thanks for being a very present help in our times of trouble.

  7. Jesus understands the pain. That’s comforting. My mom has had 2 hip replacements plus a revision surgery on one of them. That was difficult. Praying the Lord continues to watch over you through the school year.

  8. Physical illness makes you question God as well as seek his blessings to ease your suffering. But it is also HE who removes all doubts and makes you a firm believer.

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