Be Flexible- Daily Occurrence This School Year

During the training for the group I went to Romania with in 1997, the phrase be flexible was emphasized repeatedly. During my first trip to Romania that became very real to me and it has stayed with me over the years.

This school year Be Flexible is a daily adventure having hybrid classes with some students in class and some joining remotely via Zoom. It has given me so much admiration for classroom teachers for the children because I know what they are experiencing.

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Yesterday was a great example. We did not have childcare due to a training for the childcare paras. One of the moms came to the room with her preschool daughter. She did not feel confident enough to go home and use Zoom. I let her stay in class with her daughter. We got some crayons and paper out for her daughter to color pictures. Her daughter enjoyed waving at me as I waved back. She was so cute.

My assistant had a migraine, so she was not able to be in class. That meant changing my lesson plan last minute. Fortunately due to have over twenty years experience, there are many lesson plans filed away in my brain.

What keeps me calm in the midst of constant changes and need to be flexible is how I start my day.

Each morning I take time to listen to worship music and pray. Jesus is the reason I can stay calm during this crazy year.

During this school year, I plan to periodically share about the happenings in my class. My purpose is to hopefully remind people to be kind to teachers and empathize with what the teachers are experiencing.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

28 thoughts on “Be Flexible- Daily Occurrence This School Year

  1. Being flexible is good and a necessary thing to remember with what life can throw at us. I so agree with you that starting your day right helps to be calm and handle what ever might come our way.

  2. Starting the day with praise and worship, and moving forward with flexibility and patience, helps all of us. Kindness and understanding are always important, especially toward teachers who have many new issues to deal with. Blessings!

  3. So true. We need to be flexible in these times. We cannot be rigid. Our Saviour was never rigid. Look how easily He adopted to circumstances He was faced with. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Stay calm like brother Matt,
    Even when he dons his teaching hat.
    Hes kind and flexible
    Following Jesus’s principles.


  5. As educators, we have both found it necessary to be flexible. My youngest daughter is teaching with increased flexibility as she teaches students remotely and in-person at the same time.

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