Who Is Losing The U.S. Presidential Election?

My blog is not for political purposes. I have written about some issues I care about such as human trafficking, but not a political post. But I have to get something off my chest.

One of my wonderful privileges over the years has been to attend a Citizenship ceremony for friends who become citizens. I have helped people prepare for the citizenship test for many years out of friendship. The joy on their faces as they receive their Certificate of Naturalization is rewarding to see.

In each Presidential election there is a winner and a loser. That is the way it works.

This year the real loser is neither candidate. The loser is our democracy and the American people. Why do I say that?

A few examples:

A Federal Court ordered Pennsylvania to stop counting until they allow poll watchers in to observe ballots being counted. In Philadelphia they defied the court order and continued counting.

For the first time, unsolicited mail in ballots were sent out in mass and in some states are being counted days after Election Day. Corruption has set in. Mass mail out ballots are not the same as absentee ballots or requested ballots. Mass mail out ballots happened on a smaller scale in 2018, so they are not about COVID this year.

Now both sides are and will be filing lawsuits. Recounts will be demanded.

The way things are going, it does not matter who declares victory or who is declared the winner, because the other side will not accept it as valid. If Biden wins, Trump supporters will not believe it is valid. If Trump wins, Biden supporters will not accept it is valid. That is why the real loser is our democracy and the American people. The confidence in our system does not exist.

That is a completely different scenario than being upset your person lost, but living with it and hoping for a different result the next time and perhaps working for a different result next time.

Whichever side you are on, you might read what I wrote and be ready to point the finger at the other side. If that is the case, you have just proved my point. We need to instead work to ensure every election is safe, legit, and fair.

23 thoughts on “Who Is Losing The U.S. Presidential Election?

  1. Very well written. The election must be free and fair. The media has no right to call the election. Americans have forgotten what they learned in school 🤷‍♀️ God bless the United States of America!

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