We Need to Protect Children

Last month I decided to take the money I would have wasted on my monthly Netflix fee and put it to use to help children. I had canceled my Netflix because it produced the movie Cuties which exploits 11 year old girls to make a movie.

So I ordered Hero Bands again.

For only $10, I was able to pay to donate a band that will go to a child freed from sex trafficking. The band has the word Hero on it and also has my initials on it which lets the child know someone cares.

I had paid for one last month too and pray for the child who received the band for Jesus to bring healing into the child’s life and pure love. I will pray for the child who receives this band too.

I ordered one for myself with the word Faith on it.

The woman who makes and sells the bands donates $2 from each band sold to Operation Underground Railroad which frees children from sex slavery.

In the mornings, I teach moms from other countries English. I often have chances to interact with their children. One mom’s baby smiles when I greet her in Spanish.

My church has a project this year of First Free Loves LPS. We want to encourage schools, teachers, and staff during this difficult year. For my school, the focus was on winter hats and gloves for children since it is in a low income neighborhood. One morning I happened to stop by the office when a little Kindergarten girl needed a winter hat and gloves. She chose pink ones.

Children are gifts from God. They need to be protected, nurtured, and loved. As we love them and nurture them, we can appreciate God’s love for us.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

20 thoughts on “We Need to Protect Children

  1. Yes children are a blessing and thank you for talking about this because more people needs to be aware of what is going on and yes we need to speak up when we know something and not to remain silent.

  2. Those are awesome things you take part in. I take part in Operation Christmas Child which gives gifts to children in other countries and sometimes I will buy a toy donation at a store supporting that.

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