Count Me Among the Sane Non-Shoppers

It is Black Friday in the USA and many places around the world. Black Friday kicks off the Christmas shopping season. It is a day that I think perhaps it helps to have ninja skills while shopping.

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While my plans do not include shopping today, I do have big plans for the day. This post was scheduled for this morning last night, however, my day will start with sleeping late. Whenever my morning class is on break, I call those days no alarm clock days. No alarm clock days are a huge blessing for this spoonie.

After I wake up, it will be morning coffee, time in prayer while listening to worship music, and some reading.

My next BIG plan is to watch some college football games on TV. My team is playing, but I am not very hopeful for a win, Nevertheless , I will watch the game.

So while many people will be out and about shopping, and some starting way too early, I will be relaxing at home. Sure I will miss out on “great deals” but those are around at other times and online as well.

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My schedule is to wake up whenever I wake up, drink some coffee and spend time with Jesus, watch college football, and perhaps take a nap.

Perhaps I should pray for my friend Brenda of because she is a shopaholic. I am sure she will be shopping with her daughters.

What are your plans for the day?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

31 thoughts on “Count Me Among the Sane Non-Shoppers

  1. My intend to work on my lesson plansโ€”for when I get to return to school. I am also taking care of my wife, since she tested positive for COVID earlier this week. This means doing a lot more cooking and cleaning than I usually do. Itโ€™s not that I donโ€™t pitch in around the house. My wife is just a better cook and cleaner. I wake up every morning (7 days) a week at the same time to give my diabetic dog his insulin shot. At first it was a bummerโ€”especially on the weekendsโ€”but now I relish the early morning time with God every day.

  2. I stayed home today and it was wonderful. Tomorrow small business Saturday shopping, rest is all on line……. Hopefully

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