Have Fun With Me- Holidays Q and A- My Answers

My Saturday post was Have Fun With Me- Holidays Q and A. I asked people to ask me questions related to the holidays. Today I am sharing the questions and links to the blogs for the people who asked questions and My Answers.

Photo by Any Lane on Pexels.com

Barb of mylifeinourfathersworld.com asked-

What is the weirdest gift that you gave to someone when you were a kid? How did they react? The weirdest gift I gave as a kid? Oh my that is a long time ago. I don’t remember weird gifts but I imagine giving my dad a new tie every year was a bit redundant. πŸ™‚

What is your most treasured Christmas memory since becoming an adult?

When I went to Constanta Romania in December 1995 to share Christmas with our partner church there and preach for their Christmas Eve, Christmas Day services and also at a meeting of college students from different churches.

Adeleke of adelekeadeite.wordpress.com asked- If you could change anything about this year, what would it be and why? No COVID because it harmed many people.

elijahsmommy.wordpress.com asked- Whats your favorite Christmas memory as a child

One time I had a headache and had a nap under the Christmas tree. When I woke up, the headache was gone.

gardenfaith,com asked- What is your favorite Christmas carol?

I love O Holy Night. It is my favorite Christmas song to listen to. For singing along probably Silent Night.

Viv of godswhispersoftruth.wordpress.com asked- What is your favorite holiday family tradition?🌲 I am single so no family tradition. My favorite thing to do is to surprise visit refugee families to bring candy for the children. I also love Christmas Eve services.

Ryan of authorryanc.com asked- What is your favorite thing about Christmas? God bless!

Celebrating Jesus being born.

Ada of adascorner.wordpress.com asked-Do you have a favorite holiday dish? If so what is your favorite holiday dish? My favorite dish is one anybody else cooks for me because I am a terrible cook. I love to eat turkey and cranberry sauce.

Manjul of innumerbalethoughtsblog.wordpress.com asked- For you what is the best part about Christmas? Celebrating Jesus was born at my church’s Christmas Eve service.

Saron of saronsview.wordpress.com asked- what do you think people get wrong about holidays? Do you support the way Christmas is celebrated? It is way too commercialized. All of the emphasis on shopping, finding to perfect gift, takes away from what Christmas is about which is Jesus becoming a human being by being born as a baby to be our Savior. Also I think Christmas movies have too much focus on the ‘magic’ of Christmas as a holiday and not on Jesus.

Rene of heartokens.home.blog asked-Have you ever had figgy pudding? And if you were to pick an animated Christmas character from a movie or book that was most like you, or one that you could relate to, which would you pick? I had to Google figgy pudding so I think that answers the question lol. Not sure about the character at this time in my life but as a kid I identified with Rudolph.

Mercy of herrychiccounsels.com asked- Which would you choose – Ice skating with the option of a snowball game or a Christmas movie in your house? I have a bad knee so ice skating is out. Snowball fight would be fun with a certain little sister if it is the first time for her to see snow πŸ™‚ Otherwise movie in my home.

Catandcoffee of midlifecatlady64.wordpress.com asked- What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever received for Christmas? Who was it from and what was your reaction? It isn’t a weird one but might be for others. I was at a Christmas party for college students in Constanta Romania. They had a white elephant gift exchange. Someone wrapped a plate with 1st Corinthians 13 painted on it in Romanian. I picked it and no one took it from me. I still have it. πŸ™‚

Ruelha of ruelha.com asked- Do you have anything negative to say to God? Is there anything at all that you want to grumble/ask Him about? Not so much grumbling but I wish Jesus would come back. Also it would be nice if he had my little sister living close to me so I could eat her cooking πŸ™‚

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31 thoughts on “Have Fun With Me- Holidays Q and A- My Answers

  1. O Holy Night is a beautiful song, and Christmas Eve services are wonderful to attend. I like when they do the candle lighting across the congregation. ☺️

  2. Loved this! I have to agree with Christmas being way too commercialized! I wish it was more like the simpler times of our childhoods. Like napping under the tree! I loved Rudolph.

  3. Brother Matttttttttt…..that’s so sweet of you….if I lived nearby I’d be so happy to cook for you….I’d introduce you to different Indian foods ….it would be so fun…
    I wish Jesus would come back too…..like right now…..not that I’m all ready…..but I’m so looking forward to it🀩πŸ₯°πŸ€©

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