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A few years ago, a drama monologue I had written was part of our Christmas Eve service at church. I directed it as well and a friend of mine acted the part of Gabriel. It was a drama about Gabriel coming to the manger to see the baby Jesus as he shared his perspective of an angel who had seen Jesus on his throne in heaven.

In the choir practice room, we had snacks and time to socialize between services. We shared our favorite Christmas memories. Mine was of Romania.

My favorite Christmas memory is Christmas 2005 when I went to Constanta Romania to help a partner church with their Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services as well as other Christmas related activities.

It was wonderful to share the love of Jesus in Romania. A group of college students invited me to their special worship celebration and party afterwards. I also joined the children’s ministry for their special Christmas program. I also had the opportunity to visit people in their homes during the three and a half weeks I was there.

Serving Jesus on a ministry trip was the best Christmas gift I could have ever received.

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18 thoughts on “The Favorite Christmas Memory Tag

  1. Matt, thanks for sharing more from your time in Romania. This experience truly blessed you. Your photograph takes me to the waterfront of my wife’s home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

  2. It is a beautiful time …..everything about Christmas is so lovely….I do have fun memories of Christmas….but it was more cultural and just about having fun….cake-wine-dress-party-decorations etc…. now it is about something completely different….so I hope to make better memories πŸ˜…πŸ€­πŸ™ƒ

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