A Wonderful Surprise for This Teacher

Yesterday was a planning day for teachers, so we did not have class. I spent the day at home preparing lessons and other aspects of my class. It was a cloudy day and when I went outside to go to the store, it was raining mixed with snow. As I drove something caught my eye. There was a sign outside my building.

I noticed in the email the principle sent to us Thursday that his Friday plan was YSP. I had no idea what it was. Yesterday I realized it stood for Yard Sign Project. The principle and assistant principle drove around and placed a sign in the yard of each teacher and staff person of the school where I teach in the mornings.

We are at the end of the first semester with only 7 more school days before the Christmas break. After teaching ESL, English Second Language, for 23 years, I can certainly say this has been the craziest semester I have ever taught. It has also been in many ways the most rewarding as I see the moms in my class gain new skills. COVID has been an ordeal for everyone, but there have been positives come from it for me and my students.

If you want to encourage a teacher this year, don’t overlook the small things like a thank you note, a yard sign, a lunch delivery, and even a thank you email.

22 thoughts on “A Wonderful Surprise for This Teacher

  1. Where I live, the consensus is that the best (and overall safest) thing for children is face-to-face learning. However, this is not necessarily the safest thing for their teachers—at the height of this pandemic. Public educators—especially those who are teaching in brick and mortar situations—should be honored as front line workers.

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