The First Christmas- God’s Love in the Midst of Man’s Savagery

In many places in the world, God’s love is expressed through his people in the midst of severe persecution. There are countries where if a person becomes a Christian, they can be put to death. There are countries where being a Christian can mean facing opposition and oppression from the government.

Such was the case during the first Christmas. God showed his love for us in the birth of Jesus. Jesus left heaven to be born as a human baby to be our Savior.

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But King Herod felt threatened that someone was born to be the King of the Jews, so Herod sent his soldiers to Bethlehem with the orders to kill all of the male children two years old and younger. The savagery of soldiers killing babies and toddlers is a stark contrast to the gentle love of a baby being born to become our Savior.

When I think about the whole story of the first Christmas, I also think about the cruelty that exists in our world even to this day. In my ministry and work, I meet and befriend people who have suffered harsh realities. My desire is to share the love of God with them in hopes they can come to know Jesus as their Savior. My desire is also to help them with their new lives in my city.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

9 thoughts on “The First Christmas- God’s Love in the Midst of Man’s Savagery

  1. Only the God of the Universe could conceive of, and carry out, such an audacious plan such as this: I will send my Son as a fully human/fully God as an infant in order to bring my salvation plan to the world. And then carry it through even to today! What an awesome God we serve! I pray that God gives you many more opportunities to share His love with those He brings into your life Matt.

  2. It’s amazing that the love of God can break through our savagery. Dozens, if not hundreds, of baby boys were killed back then in Bethlehem—all because of the insecurity of one evil man. Yet God’s purpose prevailed, and His baby boy grew up to save us all.

    Your thoughts about persecution are timely, as well. As you mentioned, there are Christians in this world who cannot worship freely without risking their livelihoods—and even bodily harm. Yet some followers of Christ in the USA claim they are being “persecuted” because they are asked not to meet in person during this pandemic.

    My point is, some of us (me included) are soft. We are lazy. We don’t know the first thing about truly suffering for our faith.
    Now, as much as ever, the church needs to be salt and light to this fallen world.


  3. Yes, amazing to think that our Holy family, with the Word of God made flesh, were refugees fleeing persecution even then. Lord have mercy on the refugees in our world today.

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