Life Slowly Winding Down for Break

This evening my Life Group from church will meet for the last time this year. The next two Fridays are Christmas Day and New Years Day, so we will take a few weeks off. As I think about this evening being the last meeting for this year, it causes me to think about what a crazy year it has been and also about how the group has changed.

Remember January and February? Yes, the two months before the pandemic? The only concern my group had back then was whether the winter weather would prevent us from meeting at our church building. Then life changed suddenly and we switched to meeting remotely via Zoom.

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The pandemic brought another change. Before the pandemic, I would make it to maybe 50% of our meetings because I would have a cultural event or something else connected with my ministry come up. Now I host the meeting in Zoom every Friday evening and have been leading a study through John in the bible.

I do miss visiting refugees/immigrants in their homes and attending cultural events. It will be interesting to see what happens when life returns to “normal”. Before the pandemic, I never really thought of myself having a ministry for other Americans. My thinking is beginning to change on that.

With my Life Group taking a few weeks off and my classes starting break after next Tuesday, it will be two weeks of barely using Zoom. What shall I do? πŸ˜‰

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

8 thoughts on “Life Slowly Winding Down for Break

  1. Aah….normal seems to be somewhere around the corner….brother Matt you have such a good heart…
    in rain and pain…
    In good and bad….
    Nothing you do…
    Whatever it be too…
    Will ever go in vain..
    If you stay the same…
    Kind and unique…
    Sweet and emphatic

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