Started A Blog? Remember the 3 Cs

Started a blog this year or last year? Wondering how to grow your blog? I would like to share some ideas that I have found helpful.

First please remember that for most people it takes time and patience for a blog to grow. Don’t give up too soon.

The 3 Cs


Be consistent about when you post. If you post once a week, try to post the same day each week. If you post daily, try to post close to the same time each day. If you post twice a week, try to post the same days each week.

By being consistent it helps your audience know when to watch for your posts.


Connect with other social media platforms to share your blog such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.


Interact with other bloggers but remember it is a community. Meaningful comments get my attention. What I mean by meaningful comments are ones that relate to the content of a post. If you want to get the attention of another blogger, a meaningful comment can do that but a one and done type scenario does not get my attention. I have followed other bloggers because they have been consistent about commenting on my posts.

Avoid spam type comments. If you comment something like- great post, or follow my blog too, or I wrote something like that (with a link) that comes across as spammy to me and I tend to delete those.

Reblogging a post by another blogger is a good to way to build community with other bloggers.

If you like a post, make sure you have also viewed it. There are bloggers who have clicked like on my post, more than once, without viewing the post.

Hope the 3 Cs help you in your bloggin

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

26 thoughts on “Started A Blog? Remember the 3 Cs

  1. Great advice, Matt. Here’s another suggestion: write a statement that describes your goal for your blog. Every time you write a post, re-read that statement to stay on the track you intended. Sometimes goals change, so keep evaluating that goal to be sure that is still your intent.

    1. Definitely needed to hear some worthwhile advice. A. The part about it takes time to grow a blog and B. Being consistent, I have been in a funk and have not posted in a few days and my traffic has all but stopped.. and C. Yes I deleted the spam too!! I seem to get a lot of it lately. Especially when posting on certain Facebook groups.. I want meaning ful feedback, not to go check out someone else’s page or buy something they are selling!

  2. Thank you for this good advice.
    Just a question if I may, is there a way of knowing when people like a post without viewing it?, just curious,πŸ˜€

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