Student Success During COVID

Yesterday three of the students in my class had testing to measure their progress in English. They all improved a lot. In my eyes all three are success stories for different reasons.

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One of them is a single mom. She has two precious little girls. The father is in the home country and was problematic. My student works, studies English, and takes care of her daughters. When I told her I am proud of her, she looked puzzled wondering why I would say that.

Another of the students that tested is kind of the big sister for the four other students from her country. Her apartment is kind of the hub of the group. She has been learning English faster than the others, but for her it is important to help the others.

The other mom has been remote learning all school year. She is a shy woman who does not speak much even in Spanish when she is with the other Spanish speaking moms in class. She passed the oral skills test, and will now only be taking the reading test. I have not told her yet, but she will be so happy. She is the one who helps the others understand technology in class.

All three moms represent the students in my class well. During a year that is unlike any year we have ever experienced in class, they have stayed dedicated to learning because they want to make a difference in the lives of their children.

Each morning I start my day by praying for my students and ask Jesus to help me be a blessing to them. That has always been my practice, but seems needed even more during this pandemic.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

12 thoughts on “Student Success During COVID

  1. Very neat!! I love that you pray for them and as a Christian what a unique opportunity you have in teaching these women and then encouraging them ❤️

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