So Happy for My Yazidi Friend- He Is A Citizen Now

One of my joys in teaching and in my ministry is to see my students experience success and special accomplishments. On Wednesday one of my students in my U.S. Citizenship class passed his test and had his ceremony the same day. He became a citizen this week. 🙂

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His back story underscores why I was so pleased for him. He is Yazidi. In his home country, Yazidi people are oppressed by the majority group. He was in Iraq when the latest genocide against Yazidi people happened. He came to the U.S. a little over five years ago as a refugee. Now he is a citizen.

My schedule will be a bit lighter next week, so we are going to celebrate by having lunch together. Of course it will be kebab. 🙂

My city has the largest number of Yazidi people in North America. One of the things I look forward to so much is being able to visit them in their homes again after a few more weeks. After I had my second dose of the vaccine yesterday, I realized in only two more weeks, it will be okay for me to visit people again.

I have more Yazidi people in my Citizenship class, so I look forward to more celebrations in the future.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

23 thoughts on “So Happy for My Yazidi Friend- He Is A Citizen Now

  1. What a happy thing to read! Congratulations to Yazidi! I am so glad for him and for the role you play in helping people! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you’re done with your vaccination and will be able to move around more freely henceforth. Your post is very informative because I never heard of Yazidis before. I’m happy for your student as well and I hope you get to celebrate with kebabs soon. Yummmmm

  3. That is great! I love that the USA helps the oppressd people. I believe that is why America is blessed inspite of what other people might believe. The Lord will bless those who takes care of the defenseless. Thanks for sharing, Matt.

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