Countdown- 25 More Days

In 25 days I will have my appointment with the rheumatologist. Normally doctor appointments are not something I look forward to but as symptoms progress, I wish I could have the appointment today.

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Funny how small parts of a person’s body can get one’s attention. The fingers on my left hand run the gambit from swollen to back to normal, painful to tingling, and also wake me up at night.

Coffee is one of my best friends as I battle with fatigue. In fact, I look forward to hanging out at a coffee shop after my morning class. They also serve gluten free panini sandwiches that I love,

Naps are a required part of my daily routine now as in power naps. The only question is whether it is a 30 minute or a two nap needed each day.

Even with this going on, I am so grateful for how Jesus has carried me through the most unusual year of teaching I have ever experienced. After today, I have one more week for my morning class until summer break begins. Hopefully by the time next school year begins, a treatment plan will have been in working.

Such is the life of a person living with autoimmune issues. My countdown is not as big of a deal as a countdown for a spaceship launch, but it is a big deal for me. 25 more days.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

17 thoughts on “Countdown- 25 More Days

  1. Hoping you enjoy the time from now until then and that God gives you the strength needed and the doctors the wisdom and knowledge they will need to help you out!!

      1. I’m good!! I missed blogger chat yesterday because it was the last of my kid’s soccer games! My Saturday mornings will free up now!

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