Want to Connect with Experienced Bloggers?

I remember when I first started blogging and wondered how I could connect with other bloggers and how my blog could grow. So I thought I might share a few thoughts for new bloggers about connecting with other bloggers, experienced bloggers.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

A recent example stands out to me which is David of davidsdailydose..org. He followed my blog and did something that will catch my attention. He left a meaningful comment that related to my blog post. He did not spam, ask me to follow him, or try to leave a link to his blog.

David did something else. He did not do a one and done comment. He would comment once or twice a week. That really caught my attention, so I checked out his blog. I followed his blog about four weeks after he began commenting on myt blog posts.

Why did it take four weeks?

I really wish I could follow all of the bloggers who follow me, but that would be impossible. So I tend to wait to see if the person seems genuinely interested in connecting with me.

Some things that tend to turn me off

1- people who follow me and like more than one of my posts but I never hear from them again

2- people who leave spam type comments- those I delete

3- people who try leaving a link to their blog but I have not interacted with them before

4-comments of- like my posts too or follow me too.

There is another benefit to commenting-meaningful comments- on the posts of other bloggers. The others who comment will see your comment too and may check out your blog. But if it is a spammy type comment, chances are they will not check out your blog.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

31 thoughts on “Want to Connect with Experienced Bloggers?

  1. Thanks for using newbie me as an object lesson, Matt! For me, blogging is all about genuine engagement—with other bloggers on their sites and with many of these same bloggers on my site. One turn off for me is when I engage with others (multiple times) but they do not answer my non-SPAMMY comments. Why allow comments if you’re not going to engage with your audience?


  2. I detest it when people start liking a number of my posts all at once since it indicates that they did not make an intentional effort to read my material, so why are liking the post? It’s also annoying to get all of those notifications.

  3. I also don’t like when people only comment because they want me to follow them or to leave a link to their own blog. Sometimes people also comment without reading the post which you can see because their reactions are very vague. When I visit others blogs, I always true to leave genuinely meaningful comments. Thanks so much for the advice! 😊

      1. I’m well! I’ve been relaxing and spending more time with friends recently and my vaccine has just been booked for about in two weeks time. I’m nervous but I know it’s also necessary so I’ve been praying about it ❤

  4. Great tips for us new bloggers😊. You were the first Blogger to like and comment on my blog, which still means a lot to me. Thanks for posting these great tips.😊

  5. Good advice! I get frustrated when people hit like on my post within seconds of me hitting publish!! They obviously haven’t taken time to read it!

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