July Is Here-What Will Happen?

Each year when July comes, I wonder what will happen. There are reasons I wonder what will happen in July. It has been a month of changes in my life. Some examples:

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

July 1989 I experienced the presence of Jesus at an outdoor Christian concert and the next day drove out to a park in my city and while praying dedicated my life to serving Jesus.

July 1991 I resigned from sales position to go study to become a pastor.

July 1995 I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroid after two year health struggle.

July 2000 I began teaching ESL professionally in my city.

July 2008 I started receiving support for my ministry from my church.

July 2017 I saw a Rheumatologist for the first time which lead to being diagnosed with Celiacs..

Those are just a few examples of things that happen in July in my life. So here we are. It is July 1st and I wonder what will happen. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

32 thoughts on “July Is Here-What Will Happen?

  1. I pray that July will also be a turning point for you health wise.
    I plan to continue my daily walks in an effort to loose some weight and be healthier. My joints do not appreciate the heavier load, lol.

  2. Who knows what God has planned for you but I do know that His Love for You will remain the same and an adventure in the coffee shop. I guess it will be exciting xoxo

    Happy First of the Month and I pray that as always you radiate with love and that you have your 1989 moment that lead you to a full time ministry in 1991. In the Name of Jesus Christ. πŸ™‚

  3. You’ve certainly had a lot happen in July over the years. I’m sorry for the diagnoses you’ve had to recieve but I’m happy that you found Jesus and decided to be a pastor in July too.

  4. Whatever happens, Jesus is with you and He is the BIG BOSS and He loves you. Nothing else matters, but I pray He will bless you and give you a refreshing, joyful and nourishing July.

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