What A Difference 90 Miles Makes

I have a friend, fellow blogger, who lives in Florida. She and her family just completed an RV trip to California and came home with two new puppies. They are living a good life.

Sadly just 90 miles from Florida the scenario is horrifying. The Cuban government is killing and imprisoning freedom protestors.

90 miles from where I live are two small cities where the greatest concerns for the population as a whole are severe thunderstorms/possible tornados this time of year and whether the university football team will be successful this year.

90 miles from Florida hospitals are run down and dirty, people lack basic necessities, and a terribly oppressive government.

I have students and friends from Cuba living in my city. They have families in Cuba. They are worried about family and friends back in Cuba. Recent events underscore why so many were willing to risk 90 miles of sea in risky boats or whatever else they could use just to come to America when we had the one foot on dry land policy for people seeking asylum from Cuba.

All I can do is pray for my fellow Christians in Cuba for their faith to stay strong, pray for an end to the genocide being committed by the Cuban government against Freedom Protestors, and for peace in Cuba. The only other thing I can do is be a listening ear for my Cuban friends.

What a difference 90 miles makes.

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