Story Time- Digging Up Clams As A Teen

One summer day when I was a teenager, some of my friends and I decided we should go to a local lake and get clams and have a clam bake like we saw in movies and on TV. So off we went wearing our blue jeans cut offs, sandals, and t-shirts to the lake. We went to a shallow area, took off our sandals and waded in the water.

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We used our feet to feel for the clams. We had buckets to put them in. We spent over an hour digging up clams with our feet and got good tans along with the clams. We filled four buckets with clams and were very excited to have a clam bake.

When we got back to my friend’s house, we showed his dad the clams and told him we were going to have a clam bake and he could join us. He told us, “Fresh water clams from lakes are no good. Throw them out or take them back to the lake.” Our spirits were dashed. We took them back and threw them in the lake.

If in our excitement we had talked with my friend’s dad before we went, we would have know it was not a good idea.

Too often we come up with our own ideas and then pray for God to bless them. It is much better to pray first and ask God for direction and guidance. The best opportunities I have had were after praying for opportunities.

By the way, funny thing is that one year later I worked part-time in a seafood restaurant. I tried clams and discovered I don’t like clams. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless,

22 thoughts on “Story Time- Digging Up Clams As A Teen

  1. I agree. It’s always better to pray and let God open the doors we need to go through. That’s funny about you turning out not to even like clams! πŸ˜‚

  2. Matt, your story reminds me that I’ve never witnessed a clam bake. However, I have experienced a bit of crab picking around the table when visiting my wife’s family on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. No matter where life takes us, we can always depend upon God’s advice.

  3. I need to try clams someday lol. Thanks for sharing this lesson. It’s important to seek God first before we make decisions in haste.

  4. You are so right, I am definitely one that forgets and starts the run before the gun is fired. So you are not alone and thank you for sharing and the reminder that all thinks starts with God and the journey should be bless by Him before we start πŸ™‚

    Big hugs Big Bro xoxo

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