Chinese Buffet and Practicing Spanish

August is here already. In only a few short weeks it will be Back to School time for the children. I will be at the school doing things to prepare, but my class begins the Tuesday after Labor Day. Are you ready for Back to School?

Yesterday after my Saturday morning group at church, I went to lunch with two friends from Cuba. We went to a Mongolian Grill/China Buffet. I like the Mongolian Grill because I can choose the ingredients and not worry about gluten in the soy sauce.

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It surprised my Cuban friends that I can eat with chopsticks. A person learns little things like that spending time with diverse cultures πŸ™‚ During group at church, we spoke English, but during lunch it was all Spanish. I loved it. I enjoy practicing Spanish and learning new words.

At the end of our group time at church, we prayed for Cuba and for my friends’ families there. Cuba is in turmoil due to government crackdown against freedom protesters. It is the same reason I am trying to spend more time with my friends outside of group just to be a supportive listening ear.

Our server was someone who knew me. She is the niece of one of my former students from Guatemala. She has a good memory. She has only met me a few times but recognized me right away. The man cooking at the grill is from El Salvador. So I practiced Spanish with my server and the man at the grill.

Eating Chinese food and practicing Spanish is a wonderful combination. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

18 thoughts on “Chinese Buffet and Practicing Spanish

  1. I love your multicultural and I had to learn to use chopsticks too πŸ™‚
    I got some at home to practice. Glad you are doing well and moving around.

    Have a a good day big Bro xoxo

  2. How cool! I’m convinced you don’t know a stranger! Love your social skills!
    I’m sure the people you interact with feel so blessed after your conversations.❀️

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