Thankful for Over 2,000 Followers-What I Have Learned

I am thankful that this past week my blog went over 2,000 followers. I appreciate all of you who have followed my blog, read my posts, liked and especially the ones who have commented on my posts. I wish I could follow everyone back but realistically that would be impossible.

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I thought I would share a few things I have learned in regards to blogging. I hope they are helpful for you in your blogging journey.

Be Patient

It takes time for a blog to grow. It took four years for my blog to go over 2,000 followers. It is extremely rare for a blogger to be an instant success. Give it time.

Be Consistent

If you blog once a week, do it on the same day. If you blog twice a week, do it on the same days. By being consistent, you help your followers know when to expect a post from you.

Be Communal

Interact with other bloggers through comments. Comments that connect to the content of their posts not just a quick spammy type comment like great post, Comments that connect to content and being consistent with them are a great way to get the attention of a blogger.

Be Open to experiment

Give yourself permission to try new ideas in your blog. When I first started sharing about chronic illness, I was hesitant but felt Jesus wanted me to do so. I started a series Wellness Wednesdays where I share about chronic illness and mental health. Some of those posts have been some of my highest viewed ones.

Be True to Yourself

If I tried to write lifestyle type posts, it would not go over well. I am a single guy who lives cheaply. I share what I know about or have truly experienced. That is my voice.

Be Kind

Yes some bloggers grow their blogs by being part of the debate society seeking to argue points. It can work. But for me, I would much rather be remembered as someone who encourages others and seeks to build up. There have been bloggers try to engage me in negativity and I simply delete their comment and block them.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to share tips in the comments.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

27 thoughts on “Thankful for Over 2,000 Followers-What I Have Learned

  1. First of all, congratulations on 2000 followers and 100,000 views in the same week!

    Thank you for your blogging tips. I’ve found all of them to be helpful in my journey here on WP. “Be Patient” is probably the hardest one for me!

    One thing I’ve done that I think helps to grow more loyal followers is link back to bloggers whose posts I enjoy. Many times I’ve been inspired by something I’ve read and it got my creative juices flowing. When this happens, I write my own post (about the same subject) but from a different angle–always referring back to the blogger’s post that inspired me.

    Your point about being communal is also important. And it helps me to remember that engagement is a two way street. If someone genuinely reaches out to me with pertinent thoughts about my posts, I do my best to always respond.

    Lastly, I have also encountered a troll or two here on WP–folks who just want to attack me or the message I share. One way I’ve dealt with this is to create guidelines for comments and post them on my about page and at the end of every post. If a commenter does not follow my guidelines, their comment is not published. My guidelines are simple: Is it respectful? Is it responsible? Is it relevant?

    Again, congrats on your twin blogging milestones, Matt! I enjoy reading your thoughts and engaging. Blessings!

  2. Congratulations again big brother! Thanks for the tips. I also like to go to the actual post to check for comments, it’s easy to miss them in the notifications. πŸ€—β€οΈ

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