A Tired but Grateful Teacher

My crazy schedule of teaching Monday through Friday morning and afternoon, and teaching in Zoom Monday through Thursday evening came to an end. My evening class finished Thursday evening. It was a good but exhausting month as illustrated by my photo yesterday. lol

To celebrate, I came home and took a two hour nap. Yes, a two hour power nap. 🙂 I think I look better wearing the mask. lol

One strange thing about ending a Zoom class is saying goodbye to students I have never met in person. I wonder if I will ever meet them out in public someday.

This is the second school year during COVID. While my morning and afternoon classes are in the building, we still wear masks, still follow protocols, and still receive updates if anyone in the building has been diagnosed though not named. The general vibe is different than last year though. Last year at this time so much was unknown. there was no vaccine yet, and it felt much more urgent. This year it is more of a vibe of when will this be over.

It continues to be paramount in my mind for me to start my day by praying for my students and asking Jesus to help me be a blessing to my students, the children at the school., the teachers and staff. I am grateful for the opportunities Jesus has blessed me with.

This weekend will probably include a few more naps. Next week will only bring my morning and afternoon classes. My evenings will be freed up. I wonder what adventures I will find myself in. 🙂

From one tired teacher- God Bless and Thank you for reading.

11 thoughts on “A Tired but Grateful Teacher

  1. First, good deal on your “power nap.” Very well deserved. Secondly, thank you for being a wonderful teacher and an example of Christ in your school. While the kids were via zoom recently, I witnessed a teacher saying “her job was a paycheck.” Furthermore, she told the kids she’s tired of teaching and was retiring soon.

    Everytime my daughter was in her class I overheard how she talked to the kids, very unpleasant at times. My thoughts were, as a parent, if you no longer desire to educate then quit. But to speak to children the way she did wasn’t acceptable.

    Especially, when your a Spanish teacher and teaching black kids how to speak Spanish, which is not their first language, please show compassion. My daughter graduates high school year this year! Hopefully, the Lord will touch the heart of this instructor.

    Lovely post!


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