Returning to Coffee Shop Routine

I had not been in a coffee shop much recently partly due to watching my budget and partly due to teaching via Zoom from home for a few months. For the next few months, I will be teaching in person two evenings a week. I decided to keep an evening class to save for a new car.

What is a boy to do when he finishes his afternoon class around 3 and has a 6:30 evening class. If I go home, my bed will force me to take a nap. It is a struggle I always lose. My bed beckons and my tired body responds. I did not want to go home because a power nap would only keep my sleep schedule way off.

So the only logical thing is to go to a coffee shop and drink some Moroccan Mint Iced Tea. The tea helped me fight off the desire for a power nap. While hanging out at the coffee shop, I got caught up with my blog, checked my class roster for my evening class, and chatted with some people.

I think this will need to be my Tuesday/Thursday afternoon routine for the next few months.

Speaking of routine, each Friday I inject methotrexate. I was taking pills but the doctor switched me to injections. Each Friday morning I get a metallic after taste in my mouth. My fellow teachers give me candy to help with that after taste. A fellow needs to know where to go to mooch some candy. I may or may not make it sound worse than it is as I mooch candy.

Some changes in routine can be good. Do you have some routines?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

25 thoughts on “Returning to Coffee Shop Routine

  1. My coffee is ready first thing in the morning when I wake up. I used to exercise not long after but now I open my laptop and start my work. My energy to exercise went from morning to evening. I try to keep it consistent. I don’t take naps, but I love to sleep. My husband laughs at me and says that going to sleep is the best part of my day. I tell him, God wants us to rest. It’s true. 😊 blessings.

      1. She’s doing ok. Working on her hearing and arthritis issues. Please remember her in prayer. Her name is Belle. Thank you for asking. ❤️

  2. I follow a routine at the coffee shops I frequent when I am in my city – so totally relate to this. Interesting article , keep writing and to more coffee shop visits 🙂

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