Story Time- Batman Doesn’t Let Anyone See The Batcave

Yesterday I wrote about an unexpected snow in October 1997 that shut down my city for days. I thought I would be stuck at home, but some friends told me they would pick me up to spend the day at their house.

We had fun playing games, eating lunch and dinner, and talking. In the evening, the whole family got into the SUV to take me back home. I could not drive my small car on the streets due to the roads being so bad.

Now mind you that though I am not a messy person in the sense of dirty or grimy, but I must admit to clutter as in books everywhere and papers here and there. Organization in the home seems like an alternate universe to me.

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So when we pulled up to my place and the two little girls said to their mom and dad, “Can we see Matt’s place?” quick thinking was in order. My friend’s home is very organized and I thought the children should not see my place. The best I could come up with on very short notice was:

“Batman does not let anyone see the batcave.”

The little girls asked their parents if I was really Batman. I got out of the SUV to my friends laughing a bit.

Whenever I visited them after that, the little girls would ask me each time, “Are you really Batman?” I would tell them it is a secret.

Children are fun and their imaginations are fun. I enjoy talking with children. I don’t usually tell stories such as the Batman claim, but I love being around children. Children are precious to Jesus and we need to treat them as such.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

9 thoughts on “Story Time- Batman Doesn’t Let Anyone See The Batcave

  1. That was some quick thinking, Matt! “Batman doesn’t let anyone see the bat cave.”😎 I’ve joked with children before, telling them I was Spider-Man—but only at night. Some of them actually believed me, of course. I quickly learned to be careful what I said to young children. They are so trusting. Now, when I see a kid in a Spider-man costume, I ask THEM if THEY are a super hero. This is much more fun, and ethical, than claiming to have super powers myself. Blessings!

    1. Now my favorite way to joke for example- I see a little girl with her hair in braids. I ask her if I should have braids. She looks at me laughing and says no. I ask why. The answer is usually- your hair is short or you’re a man.

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