My Sad Monday Story

Just saying it is Monday should be enough said, but today was truly a sad Monday in the morning. But the story begins with a Sunday failure.

Yesterday I went to the store braving the the place called store. I remembered to buy the food needed, but failed to remember the buy the main thing I needed-COFFEE. The result of my epic failure was I did not have a cup of coffee to start my day.

I went to the school and the first thing I did was to go visit my good friend and faithful companion in the school. Here is a picture of my friend.

Perhaps you will think I am sneaky, but realizing my colleagues only want fufu drinks like pumpkin spice, I have a box of dark roast French roast. As a coffee purist, I drink it black.

I made a cup of coffee and then went to my room to prepare for the day. It was rough at first, but as that magic elixir warmed my body, it turned my morning around.

By the time my students had arrived, I had already had my second cup. We ended up having a good morning.

What do you think of my sad Monday story?

Thank you for reading.

34 thoughts on “My Sad Monday Story

  1. Enjoyed the story 😁. Made me laugh when I read, you went to see your best friend and there is a pic of the coffee machine πŸ˜†.

  2. I at first thought the next image was an error. I read it twice till I realized that your friend wasn’t a person but the coffee maker. πŸ˜ƒ
    Good you were able to drink your coffee eventually. God always makes a way yeah. πŸ™‚

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