Say It Isn’t So- Emergency My Coffee Shop Is Closed

What is a fellow supposed to do? I stopped at my favorite coffee shop simply to buy some ground coffee to take home only to find out it is closed except for calling ahead to order. This seems a bit extreme to me. They have gone back to following 2020 COVID protocols without any mandate from the city.

This is an emergency situation of perhaps catastrophic proportions. The ripple effects of this will run through the city and perhaps the universe.

Can you imagine your friendly fellow blogger not being able to hang out at his favorite coffee shop? Say it isn’t so.

This messes up my whole personal universe. The coffee shop is next to the organic/natural foods store I like to go to for produce and to get nachos. It is also only a five minute drive from the school I teach in during the day.

Fortunately for us, God never closes up access to him for prayer. We can come to him anytime. 1 Thessalonians 5 says:

 Rejoice always,  pray continually,  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

If we are told to pray continually, it means God is always listening. He never closes down the prayer line to him

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

31 thoughts on “Say It Isn’t So- Emergency My Coffee Shop Is Closed

  1. Oh dear me, Matt!! What is this world coming to? 🤦‍♀️ How could they go and mess up the order of the universe? My deepest sympathies to you, my friend! I sure hope you can get your coffee break in somehow or other! While you wait on that to unfold, here’s another virtual cup sent your way. ☕️Maybe that will hold you over until then.
    Thanks for the humor. I enjoyed the chuckle today. 😆👏🏼

  2. Oh no! Your 2nd office is closed.😳 The universe is so large the ripple effect may not be felt by some. But the cosmos has been disturbed, none the less. Here in my locale, some shops are closing temporarily because they can’t provide enough staff to run the place. Even with a five day isolation after a positive covid test it’s hard to field a team.

      1. I will provide the ultimate clarification 🙂
        Yes, I love to get a cup of hot coffee at the coffee shop. I also buy a bag of ground coffee. However, I do not buy coffee from the store for two reasons; 1- it is not good enough quality for a coffee purist like myself, 2- the coffee from the coffee shop I go to is Fair Trade coffee meaning no child labor involved.

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