Music Mondays- A Thousand Hallelujahs by Brooke Ligertwood

I watched the back story to this song A Thousand Hallelujahs by Brooke Ligertwood. She was in a church in California and thought about all of the people who had worshipped there over the years. It caused me to think about something.

When Jesus calls me home to heaven, there will be millions of people who arrived there before me. There will be millions who will arrive after me. There will be all of eternity to meet them.

Many people will say they want to meet Paul, Peter, Mary Magdalene etc. While I do look forward to meeting them, I also look forward to meeting the ones who are not famous. The ones who were faithful under harsh conditions and faced severe persecution.

I also thought about how all over the world right now, there are millions of people following Jesus. When we go to our own churches, we are joining with people all over the world to worship Jesus.

The amazing thing is that Jesus knows each one by name. His eye is always on us wherever we are.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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