Hi Mr. Matt

Last summer I helped our with Kindergarten Jump Start. It is one week before school starts for children who will be in Kindergarten to come for a few hours to be with their teacher in the classroom. I told the kids they could call me Mr. Matt.

Photo by Coral Grandbois on Pexels.com

Now whenever they see me, they want to greet me. Yesterday they were having library time and as I walked to the copier to make some copies, they saw me and greeted me with a chorus of “Hi Mr. Matt” while waving at me. I waved back. The librarian chuckled and said “Hi Mr. Matt”

A week before that they were standing in line in the library after checking out books and as I walked by they each wanted to show me the book they checked out while greeting me with “Mr. Matt look at my book.”

Speaking of libraries, I have a confession to make. Yesterday afternoon while I was in the school library with my students, I was chewing gum. I got a small kick out of knowing I would have gotten in trouble for that when I was a child. I am such a rule breaker lol.

This morning I will meet a friend from Venezuela to help her prepare for an English exam, so she can be in Dental College here and then it is back home for prep time. What are your Saturday plans?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

19 thoughts on “Hi Mr. Matt

  1. Chewing gum was forbidden when I was in school too lol. When I dropped my daughter off at high school, the students were going in with cups of coffee and vendor machines were in the hallway. The times have truly changed.

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