D Day Went Well

Yesterday I wrote about going to my Rheumatologist. The afternoon went well. But of course I couldn’t resist taking a picture hamming it up a bit.

A friend from church drove me there. We had good fellowship there and back. We have both been to Brazil and know many of the same people. We got there at 1:35 and my appointment was at 2.

I went up to the floor the clinic is on and, perhaps you should sit down, they got me in before my appointment time. Shocker I know. 🙂

The nurse was a young woman from The Karen People of Burma. I greeted her in her language and showed her pictures of Karen People I know in my city. So I was relaxed. I even had a chance to tell her Jesus loves you in her language.

The doctor is golden. It only took five years to find one who listened. He increased my dosage for methotrexate, so couch time Friday evening. When I went down for x-rays and got to the counter, I told them I was there for my year book photo.

So I survived another trip to the doctor. I do not anticipate any others until May when I have my next follow up.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

11 thoughts on “D Day Went Well

  1. Your posts always make me smile on the inside and the outside dad. Glad you don’t have another doctor visit till May. 🙂 Love you. ❤

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