Speaking of Salads

The other day I shared a post about my salad that somehow included potatoes and gyro meat. Yesterday I had my chicken and guacamole salad continuing my healthy eating trend. 😂 Not sure how it happened, but cheese and nacho chips ended up in my salad.

Just finished church which was a blessing. We had a new person in my Sunday class a young man from Honduras.

If I have the energy, I want to visit a Hispanic church this afternoon and then a Ukrainian church this evening. With it being spring break week, I can sleep a lot tomorrow 😴

How is your Sunday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

12 thoughts on “Speaking of Salads

  1. Just arrived home from worship service. My husband’s sermon today was titled ‘Ingratitude’. Happy healthy eating journey, I need to join you. 😊

  2. My Sunday has gone well, Matt. Thank you for asking. I got to sing a solo at church today, which is something I don’t do all too often. How much time will you spend at the “office” this week? I mean the ☕️ shop, of course.

  3. So, did you have the energy to get out? I hope you did. My Sunday was quiet mostly. But I got out for a walk with the neighbors dog (he’s flown to Edmonton)

    I should say she took ME for a walk! She’s faster than I am. I did get my excercise. 😂🤣😂🤣 So much for a day of rest. 😆😆😆

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