Another God Appointment at the Coffee Shop

Yesterday I shared about a young woman coming into the coffee shop with her emotional support dog and our interaction. She happened to come in while I was writing a bible study guide I feel Jesus wants me to write for people dealing with depression/anxiety/PTSD. That post was A God Appointment in the Coffee Shop.

After I met with my friend from Venezuela yesterday, I returned to the coffee shop with the intention of writing some more. I sat down at a table, ate my lunch, caught up on blogs, and then was ready to write when a woman came to the table next to mine. I noticed the two books she had with her and commented on them. A conversation followed.

I found out her husband struggles with depression. She is a Christian and was looking for info about nutrition that might help. As we talked, I found out her husband had an appointment with one of the pastors at my church. We discussed many aspects of mental health in our conversation. I gave her my phone number to give to her husband. Hopefully we can connect.

Two days in a row I went to the coffee shop to write and two days in a row God brought someone across my path dealing with the issues I hope to help people with.

God is always at work around us if we will just pay attention.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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