Trauma The Invisible Prison

Anyone who has experienced trauma, whatever the cause, can feel like they are living in an invisible prison trapped by the memories of the trauma. Others may not see the trauma a person lives with but for the one living with it, it is a constant companion no one wants. It is like being taken captive.

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The good news is that Jesus has come to set the captives free. His gentle touch can bring healing to our souls, minds, and spirits. He can do his work through people such as therapists, counselors, pastors and friends.

It is important to remember a few things First, it is okay to try different therapists to find one you feel you can connect with. Second, sharing with a friend choose someone you trust to keep what is shared confidential. Lastly, with a pastor share with one who has an understanding of the need for counseling.

Remember it is okay to need help and to ask for help.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

30 thoughts on “Trauma The Invisible Prison

      1. I have to have surgery- One of the vertebra has collapsed adn is sitting on a nerve. It is so weird to see the inside of the body, which normally we ignore. I was shocked to see the deterioration of the disc. But, before I agree to surgery, I am going to try chirapractoc medicine, to hopefully find a non-surgical path. I am so grateful for your ministry in the blog, for you remind us every week to put our faith in Jesus Christ and keep hope alive. Thank you. I hope all is well with you, and here’s to coffee shops, an idea I thought would never catch on because people could make coffee at home.

  1. You are absolutely right. There are too many who have been guilted into thinking they don’t need counseling if they are Christians. Healing is a process. It takes place when we find the right avenue to let those pent-up emotions out. Writing is a great way in addition to counseling. Thanks for sharing this post Big Brother! I believe it will really help someone. I love that song! 🤗

    1. thank you little sister
      It is saddening that some churches and comes Christians fail to understand the brain is part of the body and mental health is important

      1. Hey I’m doing alright..still waiting for the wind to blow on out of here but maybe God even uses the wind to teach us patience!?❤️
        Have you guys had crazy wind also?

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