Confession Time- No Coffee Shop Yesterday

In my post yesterday I shared that my agenda included a trip to my coffee shop. Confession time- alas I did not make it yesterday. Methotrexate got the better of me and I ended up needing two naps yesterday. Such is spoonie life.

However, today was a rebound day. Thanks to the naps of yesterday, I went to church this morning and am happy to report that as I write I am currently at my coffee shop. I had a free order of nachos from the organic store deli next door thanks to a punch card and now I am enjoying coffee.

The barrista is a young woman who I connected with while writing about my idea of writing a bible study guide for people who have experienced trauma. We chat every time I come in. She picks out fun mugs for me too. 🙂

There is something about this coffee shop that stimulates the writer in me. There are so many interesting people to see.

Is there a place that stimulates the writer/blogger in you?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

13 thoughts on “Confession Time- No Coffee Shop Yesterday

  1. Matt, I am happy you felt rested and refreshed so you could hang out at your favorite coffee shop. Inspiration for my writing comes from many places . . . reading Scripture and devotionals, walking at a nature park, or even looking outside my kitchen window in the morning.

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