Doctor Day Is Here

The day has come. Not a day that is exciting like one’s birthday or a holiday. Today is doctor day. This afternoon I will make the one hour trip to see my Rheumatologist. Fortunately this doctor is one who is easy to talk with and I can joke with.

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Even better my friend, who is one of the pastors from my church, will drive me to the appointment. He oversees outreach for my church. We will have time to talk about and plan how our church will partner with a Ukrainian church to help some new arrivals from Ukraine in my city. So it will be an afternoon of combining a doctor visit with ministry.

We will have lunch after my appointment, so I feel a cheeseburger day coming. I have not had a cheeseburger since last week. Not to worry I am surviving.

So it is off to see the doctor today. If I post tomorrow, it will be because I survived the doctor. 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

13 thoughts on “Doctor Day Is Here

  1. A doctors appointment that leads to cheeseburgers and fellowship…not bad!!😃❤️

    I’m excited to read updates on your Ukraine outreach as it unfolds!🙏

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