A Conversation in the Park

We are having a stretch of really nice days in my State. Yesterday was a perfect day for me. It was 72f/22c, sunshine, and no wind. The no wind is rare in Nebraska. The tree pollen was low and is almost over. So what is a young man like me to do on such a day?

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

No, I did not go to the coffee shop. I took the book I am currently reading and went to the park. It was a perfect day to sit in the sun and read for a few hours. I even had a brief divine appointment with a four year old girl. She was eating ice cream with her mother.

As I walked by, I greeted them in Spanish. I introduced myself and let the mom know I am a teacher. We spoke briefly in Spanish. Then I asked the little girl if her ice cream was yummy. I asked her what her name is. After she told me her name, I shared a few simple truths that I hope stay with her.

I said, “por favor, siempre recuerdas eres preciosa a Jesus Cristo.” Please always remember you are precious to Jesus Christ.

Then I told her, “siempre Jesus Cristo es contigo.” Jesus is always with you and “Jesus Cristo te ama.” Jesus Christ loves you.

Before I walked away, I told the mom and the little girl, “Dios te bendiga” God Bless You. As I was walking away, the little girl said to me, “Dios te bendiga.”

Then I sat down at a picnic table in the sun and read from the book. It looks like this stretch of nice days will continue for the next ten days, so I hope to return to the park to read some more.

Gracias por leyendo. Thank you for reading. Dios te Bendiga. God Bless You.

17 thoughts on “A Conversation in the Park

      1. I never have and hope I never will. Although several months ago there were bears in a tree about a mile from where I live. They had the area blocked off. And they were near a high school whose mascot is a bruin lol.

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