The Stories of Our Lives

God is always at work in our lives which is comforting. As we go through our lives, we have up and downs, twists and turns, and at times may wonder if any good can come about at all. Being finite, we tend to focus on the moments in our lives, but God has the long view of our lives.

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So if our lives are stories, then one mishap, one mistake, one tragedy, one trial, does not define our lives in God’s view. That one thing we tend to dwell on and beat ourselves up about might only be one page of the story God is at work to bring about in our lives.

I love the way Katy Nicole’s song God Is In The Story portrays it.

God is in this story, God is in the details
Even in the broken parts, He holds my heart, He never fails
When I’m at my weakest, I will trust in Jesus
Always in the highs and lows, the One who goes before me
God is in this story

Thank you for reading God Bless

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