Validating Others

So many times in my friendships with refugees, Jesus has given me opportunities to listen as my refugee friends share part of their ordeal. As they share their trauma with me, it is time for me to listen not rush in as the fixer. It is also not time to minimize their experience by saying something like, “well you are here now.”

What they need is what every person needs, validation. By listening to them, it shows I care, which I do, and it validates their sense of personhood. It is my desire to treat my refugee and immigrant friends with dignity as fellow image bearers of the image of God.

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There are so many people struggling in life not only refugees or immigrants. How we respond when someone confides in us can go a long way to opening a door or closing it. It depends on how we respond, what we say, how we treat them. If we listen and validate them, it can foster friendship and create future opportunities, If we throw out cliches or minimize what they share, it will close that door perhaps slam it shut.

I saw this video clip from a show. I only watched the episode with this scene in it. I thought this scene was a powerful example of responding and validating a person who is struggling.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

11 thoughts on “Validating Others

  1. Well said brother Matt. Every person needs to be listened to with respect and validated. It truly helps people to trust and share their story.

  2. Awww😍😍why am I crying watching that clip? I feel like being a good listener Is a gift from God and when God gives you it’s good to use it and use it fully because it’s very healing to those who need a shoulder to lean on. We are all just tall babies you know? We still have deep struggles within and it’s good to have a ready and listening ear. Thanks for sharing this lovely clip with us papa.

  3. Powerful scene. It brought tears to my eyes. In this fast pace world we have to learn to slow down and really listen and talk to each other with love and compassion.

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