Giving Back Over Coffee

Last weekend while at the coffee shop, I connected with the son of a man who helped me a lot when in the early years after I rededicated my life to Jesus and during the time I was sick and almost died. We exchanged phone numbers to set up a time to meet.

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We met yesterday and it was a blessing. His father passed away from Alzheimer’s when my young friend was in college. That means that my young friend had no experience as a teen or young adult of what his father was like before Alzheimer’s.

Over coffee yesterday, I had the opportunity to share with him about how his dad helped me and his mom as well. I shared with him that his dad was the kind of person who would give someone the shirt off his back. A great example was when the clutch went out on my car as I was driving to class in Omaha, one hour drive from my city, and his dad came in his four wheel drive vehicle and towed me down a little used highway back to my city.

As I shared stories, my young friend teared up for a moment. I texted him I would enjoy meeting again anytime. For me it was an opportunity to not only be a blessing to my young friend, but also in a way give back to his dad who helped me so much.

Galatians 6:2 says:

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ

There are many ways we can carry each others burdens. I am grateful I could carry my young friend’s burden with him over coffee.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

23 thoughts on “Giving Back Over Coffee

  1. Inspiring testament! God places certain people in our lives, and many times we see His purposeful plan years later. Thank you Matt, God continues to bless us with His unending peace.

  2. Your willingness to be that kind of person is what we all need to be about Matt. This young man was being mentored by his father who mentored you to mentor to his son. Wonderful roundabout I say.

  3. There’s no better way to share someone’s burdens than over coffee. 😄 What a treasured gift this person received through your testimony of how his dad helped you! He will never forget this. A true blessing! 🤗

  4. Love this…losing my dad when I was just 17, I always enjoy hearing stories of him from those who share with me.
    Great that you were able to converse together.

  5. I know what that feels like. You helped him experience his father through your memories of his father. Thank you for touching his heart. Next time don’t tell him much about his dad because I can see the wound is still very fresh in his heart. Just make him happy and if you have to speak about his dad mention good things just in passing. Otherwise you did a good job dad. Also next time take selfies and post for us in the blog if your friends are okay with that. Love you Dad ❤️ always and forever

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