My 80 Year Old Student

I substitute taught a morning Zoom class for the college this week on Tuesday and Thursday. It was fun and gave me the opportunity to meet some new people. One of the students is a person I will never forget. She is an 80 year old grandmother. She is originally from Taiwan.

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When she shared that she is 80 years old, the other students were impressed and clapped for her. Her grandson came over to her house to help her join the Zoom class. He showed her what to do for next time. She was so cute.

She shared that she remembers being a child during World War 2. She also shared that she has had four back surgeries. She wants to keep learning and stay active mentally. She came to America in 1967 after getting married. She has learned some English but wants to keep improving. I just had to share a bit about her, but of course can’t share her name.

. How I found out she is 80 years old was after I shared with her that I studied Spanish at the age of 50. Her response was, “that is still young. I am 80.” That ended the discussion. πŸ™‚

She is a Christian and goes to church every Sunday. She loves her grandchildren, her children, and her husband. She stays actives mentally and physically. I hope to be like her if the Lord permits me to live in this life until I am in my 80s.

So dear readers, don’t tell yourself you are too old or it is too late. If you do, remember I had an 80 year old student.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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