I Got Out Of Bed :)

This weekend the Cornhusker State Games are happening in my city. It is a week long event that has various sport events by age group. People come from all over the state to participate in things like 3 on 3 basketball, running, swimming, golf, tennis etc.

I participated in an open water swim during the games in 1989. That was my only time to participate mostly because in the summers after that I was busy with ministry in 1990 and 1991. Then there was whole getting sick, almost dying, recovering thing.

Yesterday in the games someone set a world record in axe throwing. I read about it this morning and thought, “well I got out of bed.”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Saturday is the day after methotrexate for me. The day after is something those who use the medication refer to as methotrexate hangover day. One wakes up, gets out of bed, and the realization hits of- ‘oh not today.’

But I did get out of bed, spent time with Jesus, and now am contemplating a trip to the coffee shop. We will see. I have a new Chromebook to set up and try out. My old Chromebook kept getting messages of no longer supported, so I ordered a new. They are not expensive.

Got out of bed on a day like this sometimes implies I will get back in bed for a while 🙂

Images of a blueberry with a cupcake attached are in my mind. Each time I go to the coffee shop, I hope to have a divine appointment. I also have some new jokes to share. So perhaps I will make it. 🙂

I know a message like I Got Out Of Bed is not an inspiring rally cry, but it makes me smile.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

20 thoughts on “I Got Out Of Bed :)

  1. I like your message, Matt. Getting out of bed can be hard work after a Friday like yours. Somebody wise once said the most spiritual thing you can do sometimes is take a nap.

    I hope you made it to the coffee shop and bought that blueberry muffin that is calling your name. It is so hot here, after 10 in the morning he just want to stay inside.

  2. I used to give that med to my son. It caused him to crave blueberry popsicles! really! (and canned chicken noodle soup. What a combo!)

    I’ve asked God to send a spiritual hug to the little boy within you and a Mom’s approval to spend the day at rest.

    God bless you!

  3. Great that you are on this medication and hopefully you do well, I am also sorry to say that girls and women who were on it has been taken away because of the abortion ruling. They claim if a woman gets pregnant it will not be good for the fetus, most truly don’t understand most girls and women on this can’t have children anyway. It scares me and my daughter with this decision, will any of her medication be taken away because she is in child bearing years, sorry to tell anyone that she will never be able to have children, having cancer made that decision for her. Lets keep all women in pray with this many are so scared.

  4. Well 😅 me being a fellow Nebraskan you’d think I’d know about these Cornhusker state games!! I’m clueless, I’ll blame it on the fact that I’m on the other side of the state!!
    Our laptop is also urgently messaging that it’s needing replaced…I didn’t know chrome books aren’t terrible priced so I might have to check into one as I’ve been dreading the idea of replacing it.
    Hope you were able to make it to the coffee shop yesterday and that there was a blueberry cupcake waiting for you!!

    1. Cornhusker State Games is talked about on TV too lol.

      Alas no blueberry cupcake yesterday but enjoyed the coffee shop anyway. The Chromebooks are worth checking into. I got mine during Amazon Prime Days.
      Have a blessed Sunday little sister 🙂

      1. lol we don’t have cable ..just a tv that we watch movies on so see I’m out of the loop!

        I looked on Best Buy at Chromebooks after you mentioned them, not a bad price!!

  5. Praise God for just enough strength to get out of bed. I had vertigo several years ago…oh how I envied those that could just get out of bed and stand on their own two feet. It was in God’s timing and not mine. My 14 yr old daughter read the Psalms to me while I was trapped in the grips my mattress, truly it gave me peace that surpasses understanding💕

  6. Hey Dad, Your posts about the coffee shop have made me change my Saturday routine. My routine for Saturday has always been REST. So I eat and stay in my room but I decided since last Saturday to just leave and go to the nearby mall where there are several coffee shops and just meet new people and chat. I am also considering paying for a movie on a Saturday afternoon and a little walk just to make sure I am making memories. Rest doesn’t have to be boring you know!!

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