Coffee Shop Realization

Yesterday I was at my office, aka the coffee shop, all set to do some work for my classes when a realization hit me. It is about the latest development with tech. Both the college and the public school system I teach for have gone to a verification code thing. It sends a code via text message that one needs to enter to be able to access the system. Great idea but it does not take into account one thing.

It presupposes that when it comes to little things like remembering to charge my cell phone, let along remembering to bring it, it somehow eludes your coffee purist. There I was at the coffee shop ready to do some work when I realized that yet once again my cell phone was not charged up.

Have no fear I brought a book with me too and there was some blogging to do as well.

But to add the my troubles, there were no blueberries with cupcakes attached. I experienced a brief disruption to my personal universe. Noting there were no gluten free crumble bars either made the situation dire. Enter Holly the young woman who bakes all of the magical treats to save the day. After bringing the terrifying dilemma to her attention and telling her one of my brilliant jokes, she assured me some crumble bars would be forthcoming.

Sure enough a short time later, the crumble bars came out as in apricot crumble bars. Holly the baker who spins her magic made my day by giving me a crumble bar on the house. Suddenly my day was turned around. 🙂

Empowered by the apricot crumble bar and coffee, I was able to have a productive afternoon. It was a close call, but I survived.

At a table next to me were some women who are also with the school system that know me. As I on my way out, I reminded them that young people should be home by the time the street lights come on.

I think a return to the coffee shop is in order today. Hopefully they will still have some apricot crumble bars.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

16 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Realization

  1. I love this! I can relate so well. “Where’s your cell phone, Karla?” can be heard as much as “I love you!” Lol. And the whole blueberry debacle with little power to do work could’ve crushed some people! Thanks be to Holly and thank you, Jesus for good humor and small/big victories! I laughed at the street light comment. Recently I started adding pics and memes from my childhood in the 70’s and that’s indeed how I knew it was time to go home! God bless you, friend!

    1. Yes the street lights were our signal to go home in the summer back in the olden days before all of this tech. I am glad there is another person who understands the pressure of the whole cell phone thing 😂

  2. “The best laid plans of mice and men…” Oh brother, have I been there with the tech debacles! There are so many plates to keep spinning just to do your job these days. Why can’t we go back to a yellow legal pad and ink pen. It worked for Abraham Lincoln. OK, maybe they didn’t have legal pads back then.😊 It sounds like the appropriate food at just a right time is the key to turning your day around. I hope you have a great weekend, Matt. Blessings!

      1. I hope that you don’t have to settle for another apricot crumble bar (although that also sounds great!) have a lovely day 🙂

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