Greeting In Heaven

One of the things I love about teaching an ESL class at the college is what happens before class and during the short break we take. It is an opportunity for me to walk around and greet students from all of the classes in their languages. Interacting with them is such a blessing and has allowed me to learn to greet people in thirty languages.

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Perhaps in heaven I can have a job as a greeter for new arrivals greeting them in their languages. There won’t be a need for a missionary since everyone in heaven will know Jesus already. There won’t be a need for a language teacher.

Sometimes I think how cool it would be to greet someone upon their arrival in heaven in their language. Can you imagine entering heaven and someone greets you in your language?

Of course we have little understanding of what our eternal lives will be like other than it will be way way better than the best life we could have in this life. But I still like to entertain the thought at times.

This morning I am going to church where we will have a fellowship time in Spanish with friends from Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, and Venezuela with some Americans as well.

Hope your Sunday is blessed.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

17 thoughts on “Greeting In Heaven

  1. Wow 30 languages…that’s really something here. I suspect in heaven the tower of babel confusion of many languages will be undone or something similar.

  2. Would be quite cool, wouldn’t it?😊 I’m an adult ESOL teacher teaching assignment ever.💕Such an awesome privilege and blessing to show God’s love to students from so many different ethnic backgrounds.

    1. It is so fun to teach adult ESL or ESOL. In my city we have refugees from so many countries. Our public schools have children from over 160 different languages.

  3. I always imagine the Pentecost miracle and how heaven will have countless languages everyone understands and can praise God in. Can’t wait for that blessed day!

    Great post!

  4. 30 languages. You do have a knack for languages. Please name these languages. In heave we will speak only one language. Do you know each language that will be?

  5. I’m always impressed with your ability to greet people in 30 languages. It will be interesting to see what happens in heaven.

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