Book Update

One of the books I felt led to write is Jesus Understands Trauma. I have shared the first draft with a few people to get their input. One of them is my therapist who is a Catholic woman. Our sessions are wonderful because we can be open about sharing faith.

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Some of her comments after getting through half of the book are:

how do you feel about starting with this as your intro? It is really powerful!

I like all the thoughts to ponder areas in the book! It really makes the reader that much more involved and thinking about their own situation. I am curious to know some of your answers. Maybe we can discuss a few in session?

Jesus wants to partner with us. – this whole section is great. I think it speaks volumes about not having to through this journey alone and provides hope!

 I really enjoyed reading all of this, the insight was beautifully said. He became human and endured trauma for us, so he could understand us.

Getting positive feedback has encouraged me to press on. Double meaning press on- press on to press 🙂

My hope is to publish in August. I will self publish through Amazon and have it available on Kindle and in print.

I would covet prayers.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

24 thoughts on “Book Update

  1. Father, thank you for giving Matt the desire to write his story. May he have the scribe anointing from you to include all that is needed for his book. Give him clarity of thought as he writes and the right order for everything in the book. Thank you for people coming alongside of him like his counselor to help him in his writing. Let him know he is beloved of you and his writing is anointed by Holy Spirit. In your wonderful son’s name, Jesus, Amen!

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