My Writing Process + A Blogging Tip

When I think about the writing process, or any creative process, the first thing I think about is God. Why? Because God is highly creative. It is the first thing the bible reveals about God in Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Think about the creativity of God to come up with things like stars, the moon, all of the animals, and us human beings.

So for me the writing process begins with prayer and listening to worship music. Many writing ideas come to me during the time I spend with Jesus. Sometimes they are serious posts and sometimes they are humorous posts.

There is another aspect to my writing process that I don’t think I would wish on anyone. An idea comes to mind but it isn’t quite ready yet, so I put it on the back burner so to speak. When that happens, it often means I will wake up at some greatly unfortunate time like 2am or 3am and need to write. The idea wakes me up.

One blogging tip is to use the Preview button. It is next to the Publish button. I click on Preview and it helps me to see typos that I need to correct. First click Preview then Preview in New Tab and it brings up another tab that lets you see how the post would look if you published it. I find it to be helpful to catch those pesky little typos I missed.

What is your writing process?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

12 thoughts on “My Writing Process + A Blogging Tip

  1. Oh Yes, God is super creative to have come up with a human being like me and you🤣My devotional posts are so random, some messages come up when I am listening to worship, or after a deep sleep or after watching a sermon etc. but my story telling posts come from my peculiar daily experiences. Thank you for that hack on checking spelling errors 💓💓

  2. Hey, Matt. Thanks for giving us a peak into your writing process. For me, everything starts with a story. I try to think of something from the past or use an event from the present as a spring board. My intent is to turn subjects many of my readers can identify with into a modern day parable. I also look for a biblical application, by finding a scripture verse, or two, that supports my topic. Finally, like a typical teacher, I often end with a “So now what?” question.
    Lastly, I purposely keep my posts short, as I know there are lots of Christian bloggers to follow. I like to pretend I’m in an elevator with my reader and I have about 30 seconds to pique their interest in my subject. If they keep reading after they get off the elevator, it’s a successful post!

  3. Ah! It is such a good thought. Getting inspiration from God’s creativity.
    My ideas effectively processed when I find myself wandering in nature or while sitting silently, gazing at start at night.

  4. I find the preview feature useful too. I utilize the notes app on my phone to write down ideas that come to me for post. I also write my post there before copying them to WordPress. 🤗

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